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Partial/Corrupt Downloads

Using the WexUpload plugin, we successfully can upload files of any size now up to 20 megs.   However, we are having trouble downloading files.  I can only offer two instances, as I haven't done much to troubleshoot this, but they are reproducible.  When downloading a small-ish pdf file - 189k, the resulting file is fine.  When downloading a 14 meg .ppt file, the download seems to scream it goes so fast, but results in an 18 byte corrupted file.  As I said, I have not tested this with other plugins, nor have I done much troubleshooting - only enough to know the results are consistent and that the uploaded file is a good file - size is correct and it opens as it should from the local file manager.

Thanks again!
Steve Waterman 12/9/2004 8:14 AM
I have told you previously to change a setting in IIS metabase file (metabase.xml) to increase upload limit as you should remember.

This time, please increase the value of "AspBufferingLimit" setting in the same file. This should solve your download problem.

Let me know.
Cem Alacayir 12/10/2004 6:40 PM
Yes, and I did change the value.  Now, I'll change the other value.

Steve Waterman 12/11/2004 9:53 AM
if you changed the parameter in the metabase.xml, do you have to restart the webserver or will it work rightaway ?

Please let me know.
koen VP 6/7/2005 10:12 AM
Thanks, I was having the same problem.  I couldn't download anything larger then 4 megs.  I added a zero to the end  of AspBufferingLimit statement.

Shut down the web services,
Modified the c:\windows\system32\inetpub\Mextdata.xml file
restarted the web services.

Works great.
Jim 4/12/2006 12:31 PM