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certain user names won't allow login

I can't login if a user has ALL caps as their username.   I can create it, but it won't let me log in.

Bill Hardwick 6/14/2005 7:30 PM
There should be another problem maybe with your configuration. You should be able to use user names in upper case without problems, they are not case sensitive.
Cem Alacayir 6/17/2005 9:35 PM
I have the EXACT same problem. What configuration items should we use? 
Roger Farano 6/9/2006 1:02 PM
I also have the exact same problem. What configuration items should we use?
Don Sarnovsky 2/16/2009 1:44 PM
Do you use accented characters in the user name? I couldn't reproduce the problem but I guess it may be related to your server's locale settings.

I have sent you an updated file that may fix your problem, let me know the results.
Cem Alacayir 3/10/2009 3:52 PM