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FileVista: .Net version of WebExplorer

I proudly announce that "FileVista" the .Net version of WebExplorer is available now for current customers.
FileVista is redesigned and rewritten from scratch with using state of the art web programming techniques in ASP.NET, AJAX and DHTML.

I would like to note some of the improvements:
- Upload upto 2GB of files with progress bar! Minimal use of server resources with upload/download.
- Zip/Unzip files !
- Cross browser, works with most modern browsers. Tested with IE and Firefox.
- Fast response: communicates with the server via XML, no reloading of the pages.
- Stunning user interface rendering, extending the limits of a web application.
- Easy and fast folder navigation with tree view.
- Fast file listing, client-side sorting on the fly.
- Context menus for a neat and simple user interface.
- Installer program (.msi setup) available.

FileVista will be publicly available soon.
Cem Alacayir 2/8/2006 10:51 AM