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Steps 3 and 4

-Add a NTFS permission entry for Internet Guest Account "IUSR_MACHINENAME" to "wexpro" folder and allow "Modify" permission for this user.
 This will enable WebExplorer Pro to write configuration files within this folder.
-Start prefs.asp (password=tester)

1. I don't know how to "add a NTFS permission entry", etc. How do I do that? I am using FileZilla.

2. Where exactly in the prefs.asp file do I put my new password? Nothing I have tried works.
Tanya 8/26/2006 7:03 AM
Also, what is the "access list"? How do I access it?
Tanya 8/26/2006 7:04 AM
This program has the absolute worst support and vaguest help documentation.

I get the error "Can not wrrite configuration file inc_config.asp in folder "/wexpro/".

Please help ASAP I need this to work...
Tanya 8/26/2006 1:37 PM
Firstly, basic IIS knowledge is required to setup this web application.

1. You can't add a NTFS permission entry with a FTP client like FileZilla. I understand that you are using a shared hosting so you need to contact your host to apply this setting for you because it has to be done directly on the server. Some hosting companys have a control panel feature to change permissions on folders though, please check.

2. You need to run "prefs.asp" not edit it. You should run it typing the address like in your browser. Then you can change your password and some other settings on this web page. However you need to do step 1 (permission issue) first otherwise you will get the error about not being able to write configuration file. If you don't ever have the ability to change permissions on your hosting then edit "inc_config.asp" and change your password and access list manually in this file. This is the configuration file that holds your preferences.

3. Access list is the list of folder paths that you want to be able to access via WebExplorer Pro. For example the folder "/" points to your root of web site. You can also add physical folders like "c:\test1\test2", just separate the folders with ;

Let me know if this doesn't clear it all.
Cem Alacayir 8/27/2006 10:02 AM
I got it all set up now and working, thanks. 

One more question please, is it possible to upload an entire folder or is it limited to single files? 
Tanya 8/28/2006 1:56 AM
Sorry, it's not possible to upload an entire folder with WebExplorer Pro. However, you can upload a zipped folder and unzip it on the server with our ASP.NET product FileVista.
Cem Alacayir 8/28/2006 12:40 PM