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File Upload standalone

Is there any way of loading the File Upload from outside the FileVista Control?  I need to send an email message each time a file is uploaded and would like to call the file upload feature of the FileVista Control.
Jon 3/17/2008 1:45 PM
As of current version, you can not call the upload window outside the control but you can subscribe to the Uploaded event to send email notifications on uploads, see the code below:

if (FileVistaControl.Uploaded == null) 
FileVistaControl.Uploaded += new EventHandler<FileVistaUploaded EventArgs>(FileVistaControl_Uploaded); 

static void FileVistaControl_Uploaded(object sender, FileVistaUploadedEventArgs e)
            string emailMessage;

            int transferRate = (e.UploadProgress.TimeElapsed.TotalSeconds > 0) ? (int)(e.UploadProgress.UploadedSize / e.UploadProgress.TimeElapsed.TotalSeconds) : 0;

            emailMessage = "Path: " + GleamTech.IO.FolderInformation.CombinePath(e.RootFolder.Name, e.RelativePath) + "\n";
            emailMessage += "Upload Size: " + GleamTech.IO.FileInformation.FormatSize(e.UploadProgress.UploadedSize) + "\n";
            emailMessage += "Upload Time: " + String.Format("{0:00}:{1:00}:{2:00}", e.UploadProgress.TimeElapsed.Hours, e.UploadProgress.TimeElapsed.Minutes, e.UploadProgress.TimeElapsed.Seconds) + "\n";
            emailMessage += "Transfer Rate: " + GleamTech.IO.FileInformation.FormatSize(transferRate) + "/Sec" + "\n";
            emailMessage += "Uploaded Files: ";
            foreach (GleamTech.Web.FileTransfer.UploadedFile uploadedFile in e.UploadProgress.UploadedFiles)
                emailMessage += "\t" + uploadedFile.Name + "\n";

            //Get the current uploading user from your membership system or from a session variable
            //string whoUploaded = HttpContext.Current.Session["UserName"]);
            //emailMessage = whoUploaded + " uploaded some files, here is the information:\n" + emailMessage;

Cem Alacayir 3/24/2008 7:20 AM