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Settings.asp page

I have tried to change settings on the settings.asp page, but they won't save.
I have tried to chane items such as timeout time and home folder, but they always revert to default after I click APPLY.

I am using chilisoft ASP.

any suggestions?
Jeff Lindhurst 7/5/2001 2:32 PM
If the configuration file can not be written, an alert dialog box should pop up. Make sure that "config.asp" can be written in the WebExplorer Pro's folder.
Cem Alacayir 7/6/2001 7:41 AM

this time i re-extracted the files from the zip and chose NOT to have a security system.  I then tried again to change the settings.asp file.  NO Success.  I do not recieve any errors, it just goes back to defaults.  I also do not have a config.asp.  I have a inc_config.asp.  Is there a difference.

I am also interested in your server product, if I get this working.  Please provide availability and pricing.
Jeff Lindhurst 7/6/2001 2:03 PM