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Enhancement - Create new root folders from existing Root Folder Sub Dirs

This question has been asked several times on this forum but I think this proposed solution gets around the issue.

We wish to be able to grant sub folder access to a specific set of users without them seeing any of the parent folders. Simply setting permissions at a sub folder level of a root folder does not work as the user can view all folders, not just the one they have access to. The only option is to create a new root folder which can only be performed by a user with "Admin" rights.

We do not wish to grant users "Admin" access but think that if any user is assigned as a "Group Manager" they should have the ability to create a Root Folder based upon an existing Root Folder sub-directory. This ensures that any root folders created are contained within the rights of the group manager, and also prevents these user managers from having full admin privs.

The newly created root folder would by default take the permissions inherited from the parent folder but would then allow the Group Manager to modify the permissions to their requirements.

This would give the Group Managers full control over the root folders and users they manage without compromising security which the admin role would allow.

The design of FileVista also remains intact but adds the flexibility of a more granular permission based folder structure.

Any thoughts?
SteveT 6/27/2011 6:56 AM
FYI, with v5.0 it's now possible to hide subfolders so you can restrict Groups to specific subfolders.
Cem Alacayir 1/23/2013 5:48 AM