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Renaming "Download As Zip" Filename

I am trying to rename the "Download As Zip" filename when multiple files are zipped and downloaded.  Currently the default filename for the zip is the same filename that the user right clicks on to pull up the context menu.  I like this behavior when zipping up 1 file, but I would prefer a more generic name when multiple files are zipped/downloaded.

I tried changing the e.ZipFileName variable found in the FileManagerCompressed and FileManagerCompressing events, but it is a readonly property.

I also looked for this javascript referenced in another forum post, but it appears to no longer be a part of the project.
var suggestedName = "download-" + getCurrentTimeString() + ".zip";

Can this zip filename be changed?
Steve 1/8/2013 6:42 AM
I found the location to override this zipFileName in the "CompressAndDownload" section of the FileManager.js file.  I can test the the length of the selectedItemNames array so my custom name is only used when there is more than more than one file zipped.
Steve 1/9/2013 3:01 PM