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No scrollbar in public link management and column size too big


just tested the demo of filvista 5.0 and find it very neat. However there are some cosmetic problems that I'd like to address before I upgrade my license.

- When you open the administration and go to public links, you don't have scrollbar to go down the list. Only mousewheel works.
- The columns of the public links and on all other pages are very wide and it's difficult to see the following columns without scrolling. Can you make them adjustable or have a fixed size instead of scaling them to the lenght of the entries?
- There are a lot of German translations missing. Can you tell me which language files I have to work on, to change everything that's new? Would be glad to send them back to you, when I'm done. Also there are some minor mistakes from my previous translatons I made for you, that I fixed in my own installation a while back. Could update that for you too if you like.

Chris 2/19/2013 5:44 AM
Found another Problem:

- When editing RootFolder Settings in German language, the tabs where it shows "Permission, Notifications. Quota, File types" jump to a second row of tabs, because the words are too long, which kind of breaks the layout.
Chris 2/19/2013 6:00 AM
Hi Chris,

1. Actually there is a vertical scroll bar but you first need to go to the right end with horizontal scrollbar to see it.
2. This is also related to the first one and a limitation of our GridView control. There are too many columns and columns are not resizable. We will address these minor UI issues in the next release.
3. When we release a new version, there are usually new language strings. You should download the corresponding FileVista WebDeploy package which includes Resources\FileVistaResourceStore subfolder. You should edit de.xml file. The new strings which are to be translated are found after a line break in the file. You can send us the new file so that we can include it in the next release. You can also start using your new language file by putting it to the corresponding location under FileVista installation folder. This will FileVista will automatically detect your language file and override the bundled one. Please see readme.txt for more information.
4. Some german words can be longer than expected so there is an issue on RootFolder settings dialog. You may try using shorter version of these words if possible.

In future versions, we plan to use a UI library instead of our own so that it can be more flexible. Our own library has an advantage of being faster and more compact but it's not flexible in some situations.
Cem Alacayir 2/25/2013 5:37 AM