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No scrollbars on IOS devices (Iphone/Ipad)

i have installed the 5.2 version o FileVista and everything works well.

I have only a problem: on IOS devices (using Safari, Chrome, etc) there aren't the scrollbars (horizontal end vertical) and it's imposiible to scroll users, folders, files, events, etc.
I have hundreds of folders and users and it's impossible to work.

Is FileVista 5.2 compatible with IOS Devices?
Have i to configure something?

Sorry for my bad english.

Thank you, Paolo
Paolo D 4/10/2013 11:43 AM

We have the same problem with FileUltimate 3.2. GlemTech says it has support for iOs devices but it doesn´t. Any suggestions anyone?

Thanks // Per
Per Lundin 5/14/2013 11:07 PM
Everything except scrolling works on iOS and this issue will be fixed for both FileVista and FileUltimate. I will let you know shortly.
Cem Alacayir 5/16/2013 5:47 PM
FYI, today we have released FileVista v5.3 and FileUltimate v3.6.1 which improves compatibility with iOS devices:

- Improved: Compatibility with iOS devices. It's now possible to scroll properly by touching and moving on white areas of folder tree and file listing (also on tree views and grid views on administration pages). With iOS 6, it's now possible to upload files. Selecting multiple files to upload is also possible. Safari mobile renames all selected pictures to "image.jpg" so unique ids will be appended to file names to distinguish files.
Cem Alacayir 5/21/2013 2:10 PM
now scrollbars work perfectly on Ipad/Iphone but they don't work well on android smartphones (galaxy S4, HTC One, etc.).
Are you working on it?

Thank you. Regards, Paolo
Paolo D 7/5/2013 9:47 AM
will there be support for android devices too? scrolling does not work. (nexus 7, nexus 4, chrome and firefox browser)

best regards, Andi
Andreas Baur 9/17/2013 6:27 AM
On android devices scroll bars doesn't work!!!

I hope they solve the problem as soon as possible
Paolo D 9/25/2013 1:05 PM