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issues / feature requests - Weblink to multiple files / folder - Android

Hi all,

I'm looking for a good file system that we can use to provide data to and from our customers.
Right now we use ftp for this, but filevista would really simplify and make things more professional.

A thing that I miss and that I find with other file-managers is the ability to make a public link to a folder where multiple files are located. We then don't need to create a login for our smaller customers but can them provide the link and they see all the pdf-files for example. With this public link it would also be nice if they could upload files without a login.

It's also not practical to use the manager with an android phone.
This is a feature we would absolutely love to have, because we are on the road a lot and if you have the ability to download files from our server and even upload pictures that would be very nice.
I'm also thinking of creating a weblink to a folder and generate a QR code for this link.
When we are on the road we would just have to scan the QR code and we are emediately in the right folder and we can download and upload the necessary files.

Can anyone tell me if these things are possible with FileVista?

Thanks a lot!
Jurgen 6/12/2013 1:22 AM