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adding columns to the details pane

is it possible to add user defined columns for the details information shown for each file in the right side pane?

in other words, the details grid shows files file size, type, etc. would it be possible to add another column, My Column, and populate it with data? 

i am thinking i could get a reference to the grid after the control loaded to add the column. then after the listing event, i could iterate through the grid to set the cell values. would that be possible? would you be able to show a very simply how that would be accomplished? would adding the column add a horizontal scroll bar if the grid width exceeds the size of the right pane?

tony bonn 5/6/2014 5:07 PM
for those who may wonder about adding a new column, the following code will work in the ClientLoaded event

            fileManager.GridView.AddColumn("My Column", "My Column", false);

i am still figuring out how to add data to the columns.
tony bonn 5/14/2014 1:32 PM