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no define?

Microsoft VBScript (0x800A01F4)
no define: 'Session'
/webexp/webexplorer.asp, line 460

i use this asp at first is ok
but then i run it...error.. and show upper message...
dolby 10/16/2001 5:45 AM
Are you sure that session state cookies are enabled for your browser? What's your browser and its version?
Cem Alacayir 10/16/2001 7:11 AM
sir, i use IE6.0 and my cookies setting is
"accept all cookies..".  tks..~
 maybe my server something wrong..
dolby 10/17/2001 2:36 AM
suddenly, it can work.....
after i  adjust my web server...
it's a good program.. tks..~
dolby 10/17/2001 4:24 AM