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Swedish character

When i upload files in directory named whith swedish character it not work. 
I have testing whith servel different iso's but it dosent work. The same is for filename whith these character. I can upload a file but i can't acess the file via the prewievscreen.
Patrik Ekman 10/25/2001 5:42 AM
Does your server support swedish? If not then there may be problems about the file system. Are the characters displayed correctly by the browser? I am going to examine this issue.
Cem Alacayir 10/25/2001 12:48 PM
I dont think the fielsystem is the problem.  
I created a test map in the demo with swedish character.
Same problem appers.
Patrik Ekman 10/26/2001 7:16 AM
I have fixed the problem with international characters in version 1.6
Thanks for reporting this error.
Cem Alacayir 10/31/2001 10:19 AM
i can create chinese folder and create new file in chinese,but only cannot
upload chinese file name..
and after upload, no message show...
(i try in english, it no problem..)
but i demo in this web , it can work..
what i miss in my server or...?
of course, i have changed source code 
" const wexcharset="big5" "...

cvc 11/1/2001 10:06 PM
if i don't modify "wexcharset= ISO-8859-1", it can upload chinese file,and
click file , it become a "folder"!
cvc 11/1/2001 10:52 PM
Does it work with the demo on this server every time?
Cem Alacayir 11/2/2001 3:27 AM
sir..sorry,after testing i find..
case 1,on your server ,i can upload and show correct file name in "big5" but subject is fully wrong code.
case 2,if file name in "english" and    subject is wrong code,too.
case 3(platform language all "big5"), on my server, i cannot upload file(file name in "big5") and no any message.
case 4(platform language all "big5"), if file name in "english",i can upload file and subject is normal (in "big5")..of course, in case 3 & 4  ,i setup "wexcharset="big5""..
urr..marvelous..........maybe due to
 "a chinese word" is 2 byte your program doesnot consider....
sorry, i am a trouble maker..    ^_^a
cvc 11/2/2001 3:00 PM
Thanks for letting me know these cases. I will work further on these issues.
Cem Alacayir 11/4/2001 7:34 AM