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Cutomizing logon screen

we have purchased the licence version of webexplorer server. 

My question is can we custmize the logon page .?

Shahzad 2/7/2004 7:13 AM
In which way do you want to customize the login page? If it is a simple thing, I can do the customization for you but you should buy the source code license if you need a detailed modification.
Cem Alacayir 2/7/2004 8:19 AM
I just want to change the logon page to display
"Welcome to" instead of "Welcome to WebExplorer Server v2.9.0"
Shahzad 2/7/2004 8:38 AM
Ok, this is a simple thing and of course, I am going to help you. However, I am currently away so you need to wait a couple of days, sorry.
Cem Alacayir 2/7/2004 8:47 AM
IS it possible to configure the authenication again Active directory using NTLM. so users can use the same log on names to autenticate to webexplorer server.
Shahzad 2/9/2004 5:50 AM
I have just sent you the modified login page.

Sorry, authentication against Active Directory is not possible with the current version but I am thinking on adding this feature with the next version.
Cem Alacayir 2/11/2004 5:12 AM
We purchased the licence version of webexplorer server. 

I would also like to change the login page.

From "Welcome to WebExplorer Server v2.9.0"

To: "Welcome to Q'Straint"
Don Sarnovsky 1/27/2005 8:57 AM
Hi Don,
Sure, however I see you are still using a older version. Please send me an email me including your order No or registered email so that I can send you the latest version of the software.

If you wouldn't like to upgrade, then I can change the login page for the version you are using now.

Let me know.
Cem Alacayir 1/27/2005 11:29 AM
Is it possible to change the look and feel of the logon page to match the feel of the website?
Bill 6/2/2005 1:25 PM
Can you customize my login page to say
"Welcome to the CapStone server!"

and can I change colors of the login page or add a company logo?
Bill Hardwick 6/7/2005 6:39 PM
Actually it's an easy thing to do even with the encoded version.

Just open login.asp with a html editor and at line 16, you will see this code containing encoded parts:

<div align=center><b>Welcome to <%=#@~^BwAAAA==CawHm:wgIAAA==^#~@%> v<%=#@~^CgAAAA==Caw#DkkW    JwQAAA==^#~@%>.<%=#@~^CAAAAA==Caw$!k^NMQMAAA==^#~@%></b></div>

change this line to

<div align=center><b>Welcome to the CapStone server!</b></div>

You can also change the colors by applying styles to tables and text. However edit the file with care, you shouldn't change the encoded parts or the file would become corrupted.
Cem Alacayir 6/7/2005 6:54 PM

Looking to do this in the latest version.

Aaron Wellendorf 2/23/2010 1:31 PM