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migrating from a existing filesharing website

Hello Cem,

I have an existing filesharing website that I want to convert to your software. I guess the problem is the folder structure that is currently in place on the server is important. We have made the file paths of the old software accessible internally to have scripts dump files in them for external users to pickup. We also have scripts internally that pickup files from the same folder structure that users drop off. 

My question is how do I keep the same folder structure that exists currently (about 4 folders deep) and basically get your software to make access to these existing paths accessible to external people using the accounts that would be created on your software? Is this possible?

When I have tried to do this I seem to get into trouble because whenever I create a group it creates a folder within the groups folder and that is where the files are then stored. As I have mentioned I have a folder structure already and I want this software to point to it and I will make accounts that point to which individual folders I want using your software. 

Am I giving enough explaination? 

Please let me know if you need more information. 
William Briere 1/17/2007 7:31 PM
Hi William,
You can accomplish this by using custom paths which allow complex scenarios possible as discussed in the below thread:
Multiple users and folders permissions

You can give more information on your folder structure if you need help.
Cem Alacayir 1/19/2007 10:26 PM
Hello Cem,

Thanks for your email. The problem with the custom paths in this case is they are not the default directory that gets launched...

This causes issues because then the user actually needs to know how to use the software and know to change the access path to the proper custom path. Is it possible to have the  specific custom path that is created be the default directory that is launched when someone logs in and not require the users to have to change it in the access path part at the top?

William Briere 1/20/2007 8:18 AM